Yvonne Lin


Yvonne graduated from Monash University. She completed her nutrition clinical training at the Alfred Health and Peninsula Health.

Yvonne specializes in integrative nutrition, focusing on digestive health, autoimmune conditions and has a special interest in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition.

As a member of Early Life Nutrition Alliance; a group of international dietitian who specializes in fertility, pregnancy and post partum nutrition, Yvonne is passionate about supporting mothers to lay a strong nutrition foundation throughout their pregnancy and postpartum so they can navigate the mothering journey with self-love, confidence and vitality.

Yvonne is warm and friendly, she enjoys spending time with her young family, cooking up a meal or baking something delicious for her friends and families. When she has the opportunity she loves to spend time in nature and exploring new places.

林艳医师 Yvonne Lin

林艳医师毕业于莫纳什大学,并于Alfred 和Peninsula Health完成临床营养学培训,现于HEMAC私人诊所提供营养咨询。
Yvonne同时也是早期生命营养联盟(Early Life Nutrition Alliance)一员。这个联盟由来自世界各地的营养师组成,主要研究备孕、孕期以及产后母婴营养。身为其中一员,Yvonne热衷協助准妈妈和新手妈妈在孕期建立稳固营养基础,使她们在产后月子期间能好好疼惜呵护自己,展现自信和活力。