Dr Pam Yin

  • MBBS (Hons) Monash University
  • FRACGP (Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners)
  • Newborn Behaviour Observation Practitioner
  • Ramsay Health Early Parenting Centre Medical Practitioner
  • Post-graduate training through Eastern Health (Box Hill / Maroondah / Angliss and Bairnsdale Hospitals)
  • Certificate of Reproductive and Sexual Health, Family Planning Victoria
  • Medical Officer for CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault)

Dr Yin has over 16 years’ experience working as a General Practitioner. She has a private practice named Flourish Care with focus on providing holistic care for mums and babies. She also works at multiple private Early Parenting Centres across Melbourne, providing in-patient support relating to feeding, sleep and settling for new parents and their babies. In addition, Dr Yin is an Obstetrics and Gynaecology surgical assistant in many private hospitals.

Dr Yin is a keen educator, providing regular sleep and settling seminars in both English and Mandarin for new parents as well as medical doctors. She is a strong believer in healthy lifestyle, positive mindset and preventative medicine. She practices gratitude exercises with her children and plays piano and flute to unwind and relax.

In her spare time, Dr Yin likes to stay fit and active by exercising regularly at ‘Body Fitness Training’ and spending time with her family. She lives with her husband, two children, a Cavalier-Beagle cross dog called ‘Roughy’, a Cavoodle called ‘Lulu’ and two guinea pigs – ‘Coco ‘and ‘Jelly’.


Phone: (03) 9874 2333

Email: admin@flourishcare.com.au

Website: www.flourishcare.com.au

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鄞祈惠医生 Dr Pam Yin



  • 蒙那什大学 (Monash University )医学荣誉学士毕业
  • 澳大利亚皇家全科医学院学士 (FRACGP)
  • 新生儿行为观查能力医生
  • Ramsay Health 新生儿父母学习中心医生
  • Eastern Health 深造文凭 (Box Hill/Maroondah/Angliss and Bairnsdale 医院)
  • 家庭计划和避孕文凭 (Family Planning Victoria)
  • CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) 医疗人员

鄞祈惠医生有超过16年家医科经验,为惠心母婴诊所 ( Flourish Care ) 创办人,提供母婴全面性服务。 同时,她也任职於墨尔本多家新生儿父母学习中心,提供新手父母关于宝宝喂养丶睡眠丶安抚协助。 除此之外,鄞医生也是多名私立医院妇产科医生剖腹和妇科手术助理医生。

鄞医生对教导新手父母和医生宝宝睡眠安抚方面充满热忱,曾举办多场中英文讲座。 她相信健康生活习惯丶积极心态和学习预防能避免往后可能遭遇的问题。平时,鄞医生藉由陪同小孩弹钢琴和吹长笛来减轻工作压力和放松心情 。

闲暇之馀,鄞医生除了定时接受运动训练来维持身体健康之外,也喜欢和家人一起渡过欢乐时光 。她目前和先生丶两名小孩丶一只查理士王小猎犬 Roughy和查理士王贵宾Lulu及两只豚鼠Coco、Jelly 同住。