Vicki Zhang


Advance Pelvic Health

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practice (La Trobe University)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne)

Fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin

Vicki holds a post graduate certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and has developed extensive experience working in pelvic health physiotherapy in both the private and public settings over many years.

Vicki is passionate about creating a safe environment for her clients to feel comfortable to work on their difficulties. She understands the sensitivity of the topics her clients are experiencing and is dedicated to make them feel listened to, supported and empowered for a positive change. Having had a baby recently, her understanding and warm nature makes it easy for new mums to share about their pelvic floor concerns.

Vicki has supported many pregnant women with various pelvic health conditions ranging from bladder and bowel leakage, prolapse symptoms, constipation and antenatal pelvic floor training to support labour and postnatal recovery. Vicki has had extensive experience working on the maternity wards in the hospital as well as in outpatient clinics in treating pelvic floor concerns amongst the post-natal population. She has developed advanced skills such as using ultrasound technology to assess the pelvic floor and fitting vaginal pessaries for women suffering from prolapse. She has helped many mums confidently return to their pre-pregnancy activities such as running, going to the gym and looking after their families without worrying about leakage and prolapse.

In the hospital setting, Vicki is a senior pelvic floor physiotherapist involved in supervising junior physiotherapists and running projects to improve antenatal and postnatal care for women such as developing online resources for women. She has delivered many antenatal and postnatal classes teaching women about the pelvic floor and has been an invited speaker at various events to promote pelvic health including talks with the Australasian Birth Trauma Association.

Outside of work, Vicki enjoys spending time with her husband and chasing after their little boy, keeping active at the gym, running and taking care of her plant babies.


张景怡医师 Vicki Zhang


Advance Pelvic Health

  • 乐卓博大学 ( La Trobe University) 物理治疗学士和硕士
  • 墨尔本大学 ( University of Melbourne ) 盆底肌物理治疗深造文凭
  • 精通普通和广东话



她协助许多准妈妈和新手妈妈解决如产后漏尿丶骨盆器官脱垂丶便秘等相关问题,并协助孕期盆底肌训练丶生产和产后修复。 她拥有许多在产科医院和私人诊所治疗产后盆底肌相关问题的临床经验。她能用B超探头查看妳盆底肌的状态,及为有脱垂病患放子宫托。她协助许多产后妈妈恢复至产前状态,能跑步丶去健身房健身和照顾她们家庭,不用担心产后漏尿问题。

在医院里,张医师为物理治疗实习师的指导师,并主导几个孕期产后项目和协助建立妇女线上资源。 她曾举办多场孕期产后盆底肌讲座,也曾受澳大利亚生产创伤协会 (Australian Birth Trauma Association) 邀请,主讲多场讲座 。