Women Wellness Team

At Women Wellness Team (WWT), we aim to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to meet the needs of a new mother-to-be and to help them navigate their path through the confinement period, while learning how to care for their newborn and function as a new family unit. How a new mother deals with the physical and emotional changes will determine many aspects of her health and family wellbeing. We believe being informed and prepared is the key to successful motherhood.

WWT brings together health professionals who are passionate about Women’s health. We provide collaborative care across specialties in the one practice with each member bringing their professionalism and experience over years of training and clinical work. Some of the many areas we focus on include parental support, settling strategies, physical therapy, remedial massage, acupuncture, lactation support, psychosocial support, complementary Chinese medicine, nutritional support and confinement meals.


孕期和产后恢复期(俗称月子)对所有准妈妈而言,充满无数挑战,尤其对那些从海外移⺠ 澳洲的准妈妈们,更显困难。墨尔本孕产关爱中心 (Women Wellness Team, WWT) 旨在提供准妈妈们全面性的孕产服务,协助包括月子规划、新生儿照护、新身份转换适应等服务, 以达准妈妈们对家庭和宝宝的期待,詪她们更轻松的渡过这一段人生重要时期。一个准妈妈 如何调适因怀孕所带来的身心变化将多方面影响自身健康和家庭幸福。我们深信充分的产前 知识学习和身心准备是建立成功母婴关系不可或缺的至关因素。

『墨尔本孕产关爱中心』结合一群对女性健康充满热忱丶中英文流利、专业且有多年临床经 验的医疗人士,提供全方位孕产看诊谘询服务。我们专注于新手爸妈身心协助、新生儿护理 指导、身体疼痛缓解、按摩治疗、针灸、哺乳协助、心理谘询、中医调理、营养指导和月子 餐谘询等孕产相关服务。『墨尔本孕产关爱中心』不仅詪准妈妈们的孕期和产后修复更容 易,也詪您的医生更轻松管理掌握您的整个孕程和产后的身心恢复。