Fiona Cheng


Fiona has more than 7 years of clinical experience working as a Lactation Consultant both in Australia. She has helped thousands of mothers achieving their goals in their breastfeeding journey and is highly regarded in her industry. She hold the Advanced certificate of Breastfeeding consultant in China and is also a volunteer with the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) and the founder of Chinese Breastfeeding Support Forum.

She is also a Dunstan Baby Language Listener, with Diploma Of Early Childhood Education and Care. She has been working as a childcare educator in Australia for many years, specialising childhood health and development under the age of 5 years old.

Fiona has 2 young kids. This allows her to understand challenges mum might face during different stages of their childhood development. She also has extensive experience in children eczema and allergy management.

Services she provides include:

Newborn feeding and improvement of baby daily routine

Breastfeeding position correction

Breast massage

Breastfeeding related issues such as mastitis and breast pain


成玥 Fiona Cheng


FIONA 作为一名通乳师,泌乳顾问在墨尔本已经工作超过7年,帮助上千名妈妈成功母乳哺育。拥有中国国家高级通乳师资格证书,并且是澳大利亚母乳协会志愿者。她也是邓斯坦婴儿语言倾听者。她本人也拥有多年澳洲本地幼儿园工作经验,对于5岁内的幼儿健康与发展极为擅长。




  • 新生儿喂养以及作息时间的改善
  • 哺乳姿势的改善
  • 乳房按摩
  • 以及哺乳期乳房问题的改善,如乳腺炎,乳房疼痛