Vivian Chen


Vivian graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (Genetics). She also hold a postgraduate certificate of Reproductive Science from Monash University. She has been working in medical and women’s health field for several years. She is passion about providing care and support for women during and after their pregnancy.

Currently, she is the coordinator and customer services officer of Women Wellness Team. She also assists with marketing and event planning of the team. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. She believed being informed and prepared is the key to successful motherhood. Women should look after themselves and being able to seek support during this special moment.

Vivian loves natural and likes to explore new things. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing flute.

Vivian Chen


Vivian毕业於墨尔本大学,主修基因遗传工程。 之後,她进一步在蒙纳什大学修读生殖科学,获得研究生文凭。她在医疗和妇女相关领域工作多年,对提供孕期产后护理协助建议极具热忱。

现在,她为『 墨尔本孕产关爱中心 』的行政专员和客服,也协助团队行销和活动策划。她精通中英文,深信孕期准备和学习是顺遂孕儿道路不可或缺的重要因素。孕期产后妈妈应该在这段特殊时光里,好好爱护自己,适时寻求专业协助。