Sharen Lui


Sharen is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Psychology Board-Approved Supervisor with extensive experience in providing psychological assessments and therapy. She practices Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Art Therapy to support bilingual families and women in the antenatal period.

She applies firm knowledge from child psychology, family systems, antenatal mental health to support families of Asian communities.
As the Director and Founder of Sprout Psychology Melbourne, a specialized clinic celebrating neurodiversity and cultural diversity, she leads an excellent team of clinicians providing affirmative care for families.

Personally, she is a mother of three young boys: Brandon, Cayden and Damian. She is very passionate about supporting women to achieve healthy work-family-life balance and their journey in parenting.


吕学伦医师 Sharen Lui


吕学伦医师是澳大利亚注册教育和发展心理学家, 也是澳大利亚心理学会督导导师,对心理评估和治疗干预有相当丰富的临床经验。她藉由认知行为疗法丶眼动脱敏重建疗法和绘画疗法来协助双语家庭和孕妈妈们。


身为Sprout Psychology的创办人,吕医师引领出色团队来为家庭提供积极协助。

吕医师是三个小孩 Brandon丶 Cayden和Damian的母亲,她热衷于协助妈妈达到工作家庭生活平衡和享受快乐的育儿旅程。