Carmen Wong


Carmen graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2010. She is a qualified physiotherapist and lymphoedema therapist. She currently works out of her private practice, Eva Physiotherapy and Wellness in Blackburn. Prior to opening her own clinic, she worked at Epworth Rehabilitation for 8 years.

Carmen has a passion for rehabilitation and helping people develop habits to live a healthy, pain free lifestyle. She believes that nutrition, sleep, stress management and movement all play vital roles in achieving your best self. She is passionate about improving your physical wellbeing, but also teaching you the tools to stay healthy long term.

In her spare time, she loves dance, stretching, gymnastics, playing the piano, nature, reading and spending time with her cats.


黄嘉雯医师 Carmen Wong


黄嘉雯医师於2010年毕业於墨尔本大学,持有物理治疗学士文凭,为澳大利亚注册物理和淋巴水肿治疗师,目前在 Blackburn Eva Physiotherapy and Wellness 经营私人诊所。在此之前,她在 Epworth 康复中心服务八年。

Carmen对复健和协助病患健立良好健康生活习惯充满热忱。她深信营养丶睡眠丶压力缓解丶运动能为您带来更好的身体状态。她除了热衷教导您如何改善身体状态外, 也教妳如何长时间维持。

闲暇之馀, Carmen喜欢跳舞丶伸展丶体操丶弹纲琴丶阅读及与她的爱猫玩耍。