Tina Diao


Tina graduated from Dalian University in China with Bachelor of Clinical Medicine. She is also the National Secondary Psychological Counselor, the Ministry of Health Clinical Nutritionist, the Public Nutritionist in China and Hipre Early Childhood Educator. She has been working within the Mother and Baby industry for a number of years. Tina is passionate about helping mothers in their motherhood journey and has extensive experience in postpartum confinement care, newborn skin care, baby solid food introduction and early childhood education.

刁堃 Tina Diao



  • 毕业于大连医科大学 临床医学专业
  • 中国职业临床营养师
  • 中国公共营养师 高级
  • 中国心理咨询师 二级
  • 中国母婴护理协会成员
  • Hipre早教教育员
  • 任中国知名月子会所指导专家多年。
擅长 :
  • 产褥期母婴护理,
  • 月子期及哺乳期饮食指导,婴儿辅食添加,
  • 婴幼儿早期启蒙教育。
  • 产后女性皮肤管理和婴幼儿皮肤护理等。