Jessie Xu


Jessie is a community pharmacist specialising in Diabetes education. She graduated from Monash University and has been a community pharmacist for over 12 years. Jessie has a special interest in Diabetes, therefore she undertook training to become a diabetes educator. After obtaining her graduate certificate of diabetes education in 2020, she has been assisting women with gestational diabetes in understanding and managing the condition with knowledge and confidence. A mother to be herself (baby due in Nov 22), Jessie understands the stress, fear and uncertainty that gestational diabetes would bring on top of the other worries of pregnancy. She aims to guide these women through the rest of their pregnancy of how to keep blood glucose levels under control, and also how to lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes after birth.

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许诗慧 Jessie Xu


许诗慧女士为社区药剂师,专精於糖尿病指导。 毕业於蒙那什大学,从事药剂师超过十二年。由於她对糖尿病教育相当有热忱,她进一步修读,成为一名糖尿病教育师。 在2020年取得糖尿病教育师文凭后,她运用所学知识,协助孕妈妈了解和控制妊娠糖尿。 同为孕妈妈的她 (宝宝预产期为2022年11月) ,她深知妊娠糖尿是所有孕妈妈在孕期中最担忧的事,为她们带来不少压力丶担心和不确定感。因此,她旨在协助孕妈妈孕期血醣控制和降低产后二型糖尿风险。

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