Rebecca Chen


Rebecca graduated from RMIT Melbourne with a Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) and Masters of Clinical Chiropractic. She is an AHPRA registered Chiropractor, currently running a private practice in Doncaster. Her services include spinal joint care and musculoskeletal pain relief for all ages. She has a special interest in antenatal and postpartum spinal pain management and pelvic recovery.

Outside the office, Rebecca enjoys cooking and baking. She believes that yoga and meditation are essential to remedy the daily stresses of life. Her mission is to empower patients to take on an active role for better health and to educate patients ways to achieve their desired treatment goals.


郑雯仪医师 Rebecca Chen


郑雯仪医师毕业於皇家墨尔本理工大学,持有脊椎神经医科学士和临床脊椎神经医科硕士 ,为澳大利亚注册脊椎神经治疗师,现在 Doncaster 经营私人诊所。她服务内容包括各年龄段脊椎关节护理和肌肉疼痛缓解,和帮助许多孕妈妈和产後妈妈缓解孕期脊椎关节不适和协助产后骨盆修复。

闲暇之馀, 郑医师喜欢烹饪和烘培。她深信瑜伽和冥想爲缓解日常生活压力最好良方。她希望她的病患都能主动促进自身健康,并达到治疗目标。