Indications for caesarean section

Many expectant mothers often wonder if their baby will be born by vaginal delivery or by caesarean section.

Caesarean section rate in Australia is on the rise, it is currently at 34% compared to 18% in the 1980’s. You are more likely to have a caesarean section if you had a caesarean in the past, if you are carrying twins, if your baby is in the breech position, if your pregnancy is classified as high risk or if you are aged over 40.

Sometimes it is not possible to know if you will need to have a caesarean section until your labour starts. This is called an “emergency caesarean section”, and is usually because your baby has become distressed in labour or if your labour has not progressed as expected.

Some women choose to have a planned caesarean section. They feel it gives them a better sense of control and certainty about when and how their baby will be born.

Despite our best intentions to plan for a vaginal birth or plan for a caesarean section, some babies make their own plans and may just give their parents a little surprise. If your birth journey differs from what you expected and leaves you feeling disappointed, please speak to your doctor, midwife or someone you trust about your feelings.

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